Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mortal Kombat (1995)

Well....I may not have a beard or a potbelly (not yet at least), but I bring unto thee a gift of Christmas! This glorious film takes its place as perhaps the most perfectly managed videogame to movie adaptation. Yes, Super Mario Bros. can cause swooning disorders, and yes, Resident Evil makes me pickle up in the most pleasant of places, but Mortal Kombat takes its place at the pinnacle of film exultations based on its simplicity. Okay, to be fair...simplicity may not be the first word that comes to mind when thinking of this graciously garish mid-nineties concoction that combines that oh-so-wonderful pair of technologies - over-the-top sets and costumes + early CGI backdrops = lending itself quite cozily to the cheesiest of cheese smears that screams late millennium, hardcore escapism and classic battles of good and evil to save the Universe. But just step back and consider: somehow in all that craziness, Anderson managed to make the weirdos of Mortal Kombat make sense, with a plot that calls for exactly what the game offers - straight up tournament style battles between two awkwardly crazy opponents, working up to the immortal Masterminds controlling this eternal warzone. Did I mention that this all takes place with deliciously delightful techno music and hot babes? Ultimately, this movie needs no verbal description. Instead I present this photojournal essay on the Greatness of Mortal Kombat:

Final Judgment: Garishly great in a way that makes me wish that my desire to live in the 90's extended beyond my movie taste! This TKO'ed my senses like a fiery salsa or a searing curry - and I loved it! This is what movies are all about! = Prepare Yourself!