Friday, March 20, 2009

My Name is Bruce (2007)

Well, if you thought that Bruce Campbell was somehow limited by his B-movie status, you were dead wrong. Because here-in lies a film in which (you won't believe this), Bruce Campbell plays a stereotyped version of himself. Yes, that's right. He has become so iconic that even his real self has become a work of fiction. It's mind-boggling, as is everything that Campbell is in (from the brilliance of course!). Let's face it. I love Bruce Campbell. I want to hang out with him. I want to make out with him (who doesn't?!). And I want to take up drinking so we can share a beer. So it's no surprise that I also wouldn't mind seeing every film he's ever been in. The movie isn't really important. The plot is beyond absurd and there's absolutely no reason for anyone who's not a Bruce-maniac to watch this. But that's not really the point. According to my research gathered from various sources (including "Heart of Dorkness," a documentary included in the special features [yes, I own the DVD; that alone should prove my dedication]), this is more of an event. It's about making a movie that's fun and entertaining but is still about the people who are involved instead of the people who will be watching it (this one is for all the Strines out there...). The sets were actually built on Campbell's property in forested Oregon. And the bad acting can be explained away by the fact that they cast straight off the stages of Ashland (at least anyone who wasn't swept up in Shakespeare). But let's face it; without the homegrown honeys, there would be no way they could find a chick with real tits that big. They're insane! In true B-list fashion, this movie cost a mere $1.5 million (probably provided by Campbell himself) and failed to garner a solid return. This is most likely because (according to imdb comments), everyone who saw this comedy saw it at some ho-dunk film festival. Talk about awkward exposure. Oh well. Don't worry; if you want to feel better about watching this piece, just remind yourself that it was written by the glorious creator of The Mask and Timecop. Awesome!!!

I deem it: "A hilarious tribute that delivers as much or more than can be expected/Bean curd, guitars, and racist stereotypes for all/No presumptions here/A delicious inside joke, and I'm finally on the inside!

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