Friday, March 6, 2009

Songs for Christ Our Life

I came across this precious gem in a Goodwill somewhere, and after finding almost zero information about it online, I thought I would share it here with you kindly folks. The description on the back of the album starts out, "To the teacher, Songs for Christ Our Life is an album primarily intended for use in second-grade classes, either in parochial schools or in CCD schools of religion, where Christ Our Life is the primary text." I guess that makes me the reason there are no absolutes. Oh wait....It continues, "But its use is not limited to those applications - the songs are adaptable for use in any religion program for small children, pre-school through Grade Three....although assigned to specific lessons in the textbook [these songs] are ideal for use in family gatherings and listening situations." I guess that just makes me a weirdo. But I couldn't help myself. Yes, this album is songs to go along with a textbook. Awesome. And they're super religious, written by some Christian follower and musician named (no joke) 'Lou Fortunate.' Published in 1971 by William H. Sadlier, Inc, this album is not only intense, filled with children singing, but also quite prolific; I count no less than 30 tracks. Wowzah! Some of the best titles include, "Hurray for God," "Let's Do Something Special," A Time For Loving," and "Yes, I Shall Arise." Creepy. The music is filled with piano and guitar and basic band room instruments, and every once in a while a synth and drum kit pops in. It's actually strangely reminiscent of both South America and that chick from Hook with her warbly little-girl voice. All in all...

I deem it: "Pedophiliciously and religiously delicious."

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