Friday, October 31, 2008

Idle Hands (1999)

Well, this one's just in time for Halloween. It actually wasn't a deliberate festively themed selection, but I deem it in good fate that I felt an overwhelming urge to watch something with Seth Green in it and was delightfully delivered this epic Halloween classic. But please, somebody tell me how a movie filled with awesome teenagers (Devon Sawa, Seth Green, Elden Hanson and Jessica Alba [there's a special place in my heart for this daring babe, as there is for any chick you can convincingly kick the ass of tons of dudes while still being hot and potentially bio engineered.]) and awesome teenager music (The Offspring, Rancid, Sublime, Rob Zombie, Static-X, Zebrahead and the Living End [to mention a few]) and destined for an H2O release could do so poorly. I'm in shock! This movie cost $20 million dollars to make (half of which was spent trying to get Jessica Alba to take her clothes off [= success!!] and the other half was pushed into making totally awesome and pretty good for last millennium technically speaking computer/otherly graphics [ie speaking amputated head, Bruce Campbell type evil hand, etc.]), and didn't gross more than $5 million. Pathetic! And it even has titays (the topless prize goes not to Alba [oh so unfortunately], but to pretty much positively a stripper chick with three hands [one dismembered and possessed by the devil] groping her)! I can't believe it. I do have to admit, I thought the stoner image was a little tarnished with the dirty, stupid, can't do anything with or without weed, good-for-nothing, stop and take a toke when I realize your parents are dead even though it took 2 days for you to notice that they're rotting in your living room, I hide my pipe in my asthma inhaler and try to score weed from cops, idiotic, adolescent male stereotype, to which I personally take offense. On the other hand, I did have to laugh out loud, and even wonder who would possibly see this movie who wasn't stoned [hence the low returns?] with such blatant marijuana-lovery going on. That and the gruesome violence against friend and family. He kills his parents! At least his friends get to come back as the undead, but his poor parents are gone forever. And what does he get? A free house and Jessica Alba spoon feeding him. Oh the morals!

I deem it: "A perfect picture of 17 year old males in the neanderthalic nineties (And damn it's good!)."

Ps. There were so many creepy still frames of Jessica Alba in google images...Yikes!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Titus (1999)

This movie is confusing in an veritable variety of ways. First and foremost, who makes a $20 million dollar movie and then only plays it on 90 screens, 50+ of which are in Spain? I mean, did they just give up or something? Was it "just about the art" (Many commentators agree that this Shakespearean adaption is both thrilling and timeless [although, what kind of people comment on this movie...?])? With that said, the rest of the confusion is more welcome and wily, like, how did they get an R rating with this much frontal nudity (and yes, the film is directed by a woman [she also wrote the screenplay and produced it, getting guaranteed control. And really the only other thing she's been allowed to work on is Frida (2002) = chick flick!]. Finally a chick who understands the glory of blood and guts, cock and tits [there are even some mom parts if you're into that...]!)? Or, what the fuck are they saying (I'll admit, the film is a little verbose. It is Shakespeare after all. Apparently, Titus is one of the most faithful adaptions of the ingenious Englishman's work [hence my previous swipe at the commentators]; instead of taking things out, the director added in non-verbal scenes to tie the plot together. Shakespeare lovers can rejoice at a[n almost] 21st century adaptation and [near certain] practicality of prevailing themes!) in this movie? Or, why am I newly nauseous (there are some truly nasty things going on in this story, including but not limited to: rape, mutilation, amputation and replacement of limbs with foliage, impalement, hanging, burying and cannibalism.)? And finally, why is Johnathon Rhys Meyers always showing off his stuff and rubbing it around with dudes in his movies? And why not in Bend it Like Beckham!? Oh the questions of life.

I deem it: "Viciously visual and vicariously violent plus a touch of Medieval speak and blatant bardolatry!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Charlie's Angels (2000)

Another safe and saucy standard to keep my week rolling by. Every comment about this film that I've read (and trust me there are a lot; this was a $250+ million dollar international success after all) has said, (dopey frat boy? voice) "this movie is so much fun if you don't take it seriously." Well let me tell you mystery mister, I take it really fucking seriously. So there. Everyone talks about the plot holes and silly script like they don't understand that it was all completely intentional. It's just one big joke! They're laughing; why aren't you? Oh McG, I can only hope you continue to make/produce fearless features despite your wimpy name (perhaps the fact that he used to direct music videos has something to do with his vivaciously vapid movies that are seriously easy on the eyes). I guess it's a good thing that some people just see it as a ditsy action movie with lots of T&A; I never quite enjoy the obvious jokes as much as the secret ones. It is an action movie after all is said and done. And they didn't spend $95 million on it for nothing (thank god!; although, since Barrymore owns the rights to the franchise and produced and starred in the film, I guess she did get to pick her own salary...). There are tons of stunts, all the action you can handle (including Matrix-esque fight scenes that defy the physical laws of the universe), big and beautiful explosions and some of the most gruesomely gorgeous car crashes this side of the Mississippi. All the while, jokes are being told, chains are being yanked, previous premises are being parodied and everybody is having a grand ole time. With cast members like Tim Curry and Bill Murray (any number of rhyming jokes ensue), it seems hard not to laugh (and no, I'm not talking about their post-male-menopausal bodies). And you have to give the girls credit. Not only did they wear endless amounts of leather and beat up tons of dudes and a chick, they trained 8 hours a day for 3 months so they could do their own stunts! It's tricks like that those that make the movies awesome. Add in a bitchin' turn of the millennium soundtrack featuring a title track by Destiny's Child and you've got some serious girl power. And they bounce around in their underwear and giggle like idiots! Girls and guys alike can rejoice!

I deem it: "Colorful and creamy: my favorite combination!"

For more screen shots, check out this awkwardly obsessive site.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

xXx (2002)

Ahhh Vin Diesel. With all the shit I've been subjecting myself to recently, I thought I'd revisit an old classic (although, with a grossage of over $250 mill worldwide, I have a feeling that most of you freaky folk have already seen this one). This movie is one of those perfect for a mindless day where you don't really want to have to feel any more pain and so you pick a flick that provides entertainment without any of the emotional quandaries (or any mental or emotional process whatsoever, now that I think about it) and flop back and watch things explode for 2 hours. And trust me, explosions are a beautiful thing (Rob Cohen has certainly been climbing my ladder of approval with his directorship of The Fast and the Furious, Dragonheart, The Skulls, and that Mummy with Jet Li in it). I said it when I saw it in theaters, and I'll say it again: Yes, this movie is a blatant James Bond ripoff (that American flag parachute was just too much), but hell, everyone loves James Bond (at least the good ones [I'm not looking at you douchebag-Craig])! And for once, they give some explanation, however ridiculous it may seem, for why this protagonist has the outrageous ability to leap over things on motor bikes while shooting people, slide down railings on metal treys, and outrun an avalanche, a helicoptor, an exploding biochemical watercraft and a bunch of angry Russian dudes ("I love anything goes fast enough to do something stupid on," says our unlikely hero). Man, Vin; show them how it's done! These stunts were so insane that people died while performing them! And there's skin! Woohoo! Plus, the soundtrack brings back endless memories of the turn of the millenium (Spencer asks, "doesn't any true action movie from this time have to have that 'let the bodies hit the floor' song?). Oh Rammstein, how many parents you disturbed. There are also the requisite Russian scientist old dudes, the girls playing in the fountain and being flung over shoulders, a long line of absolutely beautiful automobiles, several party scenes, lots of dead people, the nerd with gadgets, and an endless parade of vicious weapons and one-liners. What more could you really ask for (don't tell me; I already know...)? And we get an Unbreakable-esque (scarred and wearing purple) Samuel L.???!!! I don't know if I can take it. I haven't seen the second one yet, with Ice Cube or Ice T (not LL Cool J, right?) but definitely not Vanilla Ice, but I wouldn't put it past the studio gods to push a third and bring Vin back. Ahhh Vin, the things you've done to action. God bless you.

Final Judgment: "Fuck the nerds! Bring back the pyros!"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Assassins (1995)

It's sad to think that this blog has recently become a deposit for melancholic movies that are forgettable rather than obscurish, but alas, I post again about a regrettable experience. Unlike so many of the shadier selections on my shelf, this filthy film had every reason to be delectable. Starring Antonio Banderas, Sylvester Stallone, and Julianne Moore, the movie was written by the Wachowski brothers (although the script got revamped to take some of the more brutal violence out = unfortunate) and directed by the miraculous Richard Donner who has laid his blessed hand upon some of the most iconic images of 20th century cinema, including, but not limited to: Superman I and II, Lethal Weapon 1-4, Ladyhawke, and, who could forget, The Goonies! That is the most rocking resume I've ever seen! But no, this movie had to be awful. Two hours of useless plot, amateur action, and absolutely no nudity. Boorrring. The only point during which I was even remotely interested was when they showed the cat, and, I'm sorry to say, that's just not good enough. There are like 2 million better action movies than this, and they probably all have Stallone in them, so don't fret. And, as Spencer points out, what good is Banderas without his guitar case?

Final Judgment: "Leave it for the no-brainer late night cable sessions."

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Godsend (2004)

Well, there aren't very many movies that, at 102 minutes, feel like they're dragging on. Yes, Nick Hamm, you've done it again (I don't actually know who Hamm is, but since he hasn't directed anything that looks even remotely interesting, I don't really think it matters). The presence of Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights during the previews (an excellent look at what's to come), along with a bunch of other awful looking movies that I couldn't even bear to put inside my brain long enough to regurgitate for this post, and the Punisher remake (now that one's totally awesome; it's always a strike or a homer for Lion's Gate) may have given up a few hints, but I was ignoring the obvious. We did make it through this film (unlike another unmentionable this week [don't want to hurt feelings!]), but it was definitely a stretch on my movie-bearing loads. Don't blame DeNiro though...he just thought he was shooting a cameo! They paid him for a week and then stuck his face all over the film and made him main character (no wonder it's slow!). Haha; he totally got hoodwinked! The feature was also fraught with some trouble when their fake film hot line, modeled after the Godsend Agency (in the film, this family loses their son and decides to let this creepy agency clone him and do a graphically gross pregnancy implant [how far can that elbow really go?!]), kept receiving calls from bereaved batties who thought that they could actually have a loved one "resurrected." Wow (are those the McCain voters?...). So, I guess that means that this film is science fiction (with the human cloning and all), and it's definitely part horror (god, that kid is creepy). They get a little vague with the splicing and part evil murderer boy part regular boy, but I guess it's better to play it on the safe (and boring) side. Too bad none of that paid off; the film cost $65 million to make (probably all spent trying to make Romijn look that bad; I mean, how is that even plausible [talk about not using what you're given!]?! Don't worry, I threw in a hottie pic too, to keep the mood up.) and barely grossed $14 million. Whoops. Maybe if they had lost the downers and brought in some action and tits, they could've seen a profit. Will they ever learn?

Final Judgment: "Keep the honey on the couch: this is all-natural birth control!"

Whipping Star (1970)

I just finished reading this brilliantly bizarre Frank Herbert novel (yet another ridiculous writer who has claimed the Pacific NW as their humble home [apparently he considered the area an ecological refuge and based many of Dune novels on these themes]) and thought I would share it with the interverse. Written in 1970 (after Dune), it has all of the classic Herbert genius, including, but not limited to, a craftily generated reality with a series of species, a self-proclaimed canon of quotable literature, and a bunch of totally beyond me philosophical thoughts and exclamations. Damn, he's good. There's also a little diety action, some S&M, a plethora of communication disorders, a star that lives in multiple dimensions, imaginary worlds, and a bunch of crazy creatures with differing sentiencies and abilities. Awesome. Totally Awesome.

Final Judgment: "Utterly satisfying and expectedly mind-blowing."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cool World (1992)

Yet another movie deemed utterly unwatchable by beastly buffs across the nation (it got a measly 4% on Rotten Tomatoes!), but in actuality, it's totally tubular! Yes, I understand that Ralph Bakshi (Fritz the Cat, Wizards, and Lord of the Rings), is widely considered to be the most awesome adult animator the world has ever seen. And yes, I get that this film may be not be up to the same standards as some of his other work. I also recognize that the script he wrote was hijacked and rewritten by a bunch of Poltergeist and Friday the 13th douche bags (did you know that the original script was for a horror film where a cartoon procreates with a human and their offspring can travel across dimensions?), and that Bakshi not only rejected the final project but decided to end his career in shame and never animate again. It's all true and sad. But I'm not one of those biased babies who can't judge something for it's increasingly independent worth. And I don't know how many people can say that this movie isn't at least a billion times better than the average rom-com hitting theaters every Friday so that over-the-hill couples have somewhere to congregate. No one's calling it the next Roger Rabbit (although I have a sneaking suspicion that the $100+ million dollar success of our interspecially furry and friendly film may have at least given them the idea...too bad this one only pulled in a wimpy $14 mill!), at least anymore, so cool your jets, daddy-o. Just let me list some of the up points: It has Brad Pitt, Gabriel Byrne, and Kim Basinger in it (that's hot). It features a variety of animation styles, with both real world scenes and hallucination-inducing Cool World scenes. From Tex Avery to Doug to Disney, this film is all over the universe! There are bizarre floating heads, gracious graffiti, over-the-top outfits and outrageous occupants, all of whom appear to be obsessed with sex. Yes, I said sex. This whole movie is about sex. I'm pretty sure the plot couldn't exist without sex, especially naughty, forbidden sex. I mean, the female character was originally named Debbie Dallas (you can really see it when she starts talking nasty and rubbing her cooch)! Get it? Debbie Dallas (and then they go and stick her skanky image up with the Hollywood sign). There's actual cartoon-sapien intercourse, although our fucking laserdisc had a stupid scratch in it right at that part (probably some angry mother) and we had to just flip it and move on with our lives (how was the sex? does anyone know?). But seriously: who did they think was going to see this movie? It's way too raunchy for all kids and most adults (even when they're not sexing, the drugs, ciggies, alcohol and violence really sum up the creative spirit), and the presence of animation scares off those few who dare to brave the boning, instead leaving....stoners! This is one for the stoners! But hey, I guess I can't complain. The cooling down from the (literal?) climax of the movie is a joyous scene in which Brad Pitt turns into a cartoon and rejoices as he realizes he is finally able to bone his girlfriend. Sex, Sex, Sex. The best part?: David Bowie wrote the theme song (and it will turn you on!)!

I deem it: "A more psychedelic Heavy Metal with plenty of pussy power!"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The San Francisco Marching, Trotting and Walking Band: The Good Old Days

Well, let me tell you: this is by far and away the gayest marching music I've ever heard. Bells and xylophones and triangles, oh my! Where are the pounding drums and bracing brass arrived to announce impending doom? They even finish some of their songs off with that thing. You know, that thing that all jaunty songs end with and people rap on doors as a special knock (dun da na na na - dun dun)?: that thing. And then there are the song titles: Cowboys and Indians Medley? Gay Nineties Medley? Doo Wacka Doo? Grizzly Bear? Oh, how things have changed. Apparently the entire album is dedicated to some dude's dad who loved said good old days when every beer led to song and you could get all the roast beef and bratwurst you could eat for a quarter. Mmm, good. My favorite descriptive line is when they say: "There were some good tunes written after the Prohibition. He admitted that." Yeah, well why were they all about domestic animals, answer me that? This playlist is pretty familiar, even if the titles aren't. I heard a Union Maid song (gay), a Seeger Old Gray Mare diddy, and a bunch of other whistle-inducing tunes that are inexplicably floating around in my head from some sort of old-people diffusion. Also, there's no denying that the flaming red vinyl (totally gay) is not only fancy, but totally awesome. I only have a couple of colored medias (this is the only marching album...) lying around, but Johnny Mnemonic is certainly my favorite (how could it not be? Sorry marchers, trotters and walkers!). Extra color is always a nice touch (dude...I'm totally tripping...). You can pick up this Fantasy Records (ooh baby) pretty-piece online for anywhere between $5 and $50, or just stop by your grandpappy's (bio or fun-o) place and steal his copy. If you're feeling like you need to acquire a more rainbow friendly music collection, feel free to pick out a few fierce albums to play at home.

Final Judgment: "It's a gay ole time!"

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Digital Man (1995)

Well, here's one for the annals. Despite a myriad of semi-recognizable faces, including the always gruff and graceful Adam Baldwin (Firefly), the less popular although always classy Don Swayze (yes, of those Swayzes) and a couple of old dudes who both managed to end up in Not Another Teen Movie (yikes!), poor Digital Man remains well below the reputable-reel obscurity meter. Imdb user comments treat it pretty well with four-fifths of the comments being extremely positive. Then again, there are only 5 comments, and absolutely no useful accompanying data, so I guess we can't exactly call this an underground cult feature. It's pretty good though, if I do say so myself. The sets are awesome and well-lit. The cyborgs ooze and spark appropriately. Things explode constantly, and you can only barely see the edit lines around the CGI space ships. While the dialogue is mostly useless (why does he keep calling that black dude 'doo-rag?' is that offensive to anyone else?) and the soldiers mostly hairless, the hicks give it a more home-town feel with their shotguns, poor grammar and altogether rowdy personas. The amount of gayface, however, is totally unacceptable. We get some titties, always a plus, as well all the bare, greasy, overly muscular chest that one person can deal with. The guns are ridiculous, and look like they were made from spare auto parts, but at least they were constructed. You have to give props (pun intended) to films that actually go about constructing what they need to make a formidable sci-fi feature. And the CGI that is used is mostly tasteful, with a few Tron-like graphics, some virtual ninjas and a few over-the-top Planetary Traveler sequences. Other movies I would cite when describing this nineties ninny are Tremors, Cyborg, Space Truckers, Robocop, Starship Troopers and just a touch of the Ghostbusters (it's all in the lasers). And let's face it, those are awesome films. Written and directed by Phillip J. Roth, a "cyberpunk schlockmeister" and presider over a long history of obscure sci-fi action, Digital Man even works in a few philosophical themes including AI influence and use in society, self-awareness and the mind-set of cyborgs, and still manages to throw in a little human-superiority-over-machines. Supercool. And, I found the trailer.

Final Judgement: "The singularity is near and Digital Man explores the homoerotic consequences; mmm, tasty!"

For a nerdily fantastic guide to awful/awesome sci-fi, check out this site.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Scorpion King (2002)

Man, for being a completely useless shoot-off of The Mummy franchise, this film certainly did it's fair share of grossage (no, I'm not referring to Dwayne Johnson's tits). You can spend 90 minutes staring at cleavage and greasy bodies wearing animal skins and not have any idea what the plot is, or if they even bothered with one at all. But then again, there are said greasy bodies. The priestess especially is always on the verge of flashing her cooch [at least she's used to it]. Mmm...peanut sauce. And you have to give credit to Michael Clarke Duncan for being the largest Oscar nominee alive. I mean, you could bounce into outer space on that belly! Dayum! There are also lots of weapons: Swords and axes and arrows and giant fists, gunpowder (factuality not required [i mean, did you even think this film could care less about historical accuracy?]), giant sticks, etc. At multiple points during the movie, you may actually think you've teleported to Disneyland. I've never seen such conveniently placed quicksand pits and booby-trapped caves! Also, the requisite bazar scene was probably just found footage from some other movie, it was so stereotypical. Then again, there were harlots. Ahh, the harlots. Just another reason to put more cleavage in the film (the sheer genius!). So much cleavage! It's like reading one of those shitty fantasy romance novels at Top Foods. The kind with the naked dude and dudette on the cover (and she's wearing more clothes), and a giant sword and maybe a hell-beast. Oh wait, I guess I should have read the trivia. Apparently, '"the "Gomorrah Bazaar" sequences were filmed on a re-dressed Spartacus set on the backlot at Universal Studios." Ha. I knew it! Here's some other good trivia:

"More scenes had to be shot due to the movie being around 70 minutes long after being edited [so there wasn't a plot!].

Dwayne Johnson has said that he intentionally shied away from using any trademarks of his WWF character The Rock, in order to give the Scorpion King character a life of its own. The only exception was "The People's Eyebrow," which he does in response to another character's reference to a harem. He said he included the People's Eyebrow to acknowledge the "millions and millions" of Rock fans [that fucking shit has a name? If that's taken, what does he call his dick?].

Vince McMahon is an Executive Producer on the movie only because of the use of the name "The Rock" which he owns [pathetic].

The cave that the Rock and the bandits come out of is the bat cave from Batman [more reused sets! I really just mention this because Batman is so awesome.].

Director Chuck Russell wanted to incorporate a physical feat into the movie which only the Rock could perform. That is why there is a scene where the Rock springs to his feet from a position where he is lying on his back. Director Chuck Russell said that he had never seen a 6'3" man do that [I've also never seen a man as pretty as the Rock (that skin, those eyes, that hair...), but you don't hear me giving interviews about it]."

And of course...."This movie is a prequel of a sequel of a movie that was a re-make of another movie that was made 70 years ago."

Ah The Scorpion King, how worthlessly money-grubbing you are...And, if you didn't think there was anything more desperate... Oh shit! I spoke too soon! That looks way better than the first one!

I deem it: "The most pathetically successful attempt to drain money from the testosterone-frenzied men of the world."

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Real Genius (1985)

Well, I keep a rare few comedies on my shelves. I'm not sure what it is. I seem to enjoy the subtler side of life, so maybe searching out irony and humor in the inadvertent gets my throttle up higher than the more blatant busy-bodies. As mentioned, there are a few exceptions. If the movie has animals in it (ie Turner and Hooch), or is deeply dark (Dr. Strangelove), then I am incrementally inclined to enjoy it. But the more flamboyant comedies just never really touch me in the right place. Val Kilmer specialties seem to be beyond this proclamation, because it's hard to deny my love for Top Secret, and I just can't get enough of Real Genius. I mean, this movie is sheer gold. First of all, it's actually based on Caltech, and rowdy references, such as the writing on the steam tunnels, the contest cheat, the DEI initials, and all sorts of other undernoticed uniqueness, directly correlate with real events and places. Secondly, it's directed by a woman. Now, that in and of itself is an interesting accomplishment. I mean, let's face it, there just aren't a whole lot of female film directors (i guess we shouldn't hold it against her that the only other notable thing she's done is Material Girls with the Duff sisters; yikes!)! Woman + nerd movie with video game references, lasers, top-notch one-liners, perverse pranks, 80's college life and intellectuals? It's a dream come true! And Val Kilmer in the 80's is the hottest thing around (unfortunately, looks like that can't last forever [see below]! That hair, that smile, that utter recklessness and tomfoolery! But unlike Top Secret, Real Genius plays on the edge of absurdity, with nothing seeming quite too silly. And, as every intellectual knows, school isn't everything (and suits and ties mean even less!). It's really one of those "had-to-be-there" movies, so just watch it! For some awesome screenshots, check this site out.

I deem it: "The best comedy I've ever seen (and then some)!"

Friday, October 10, 2008

Freejack (1992)

What a surprise: yet another awesome sci-fi movie with a furiously fantastic cast, a "novel concept," a mid-sized budget, a post-apocalyptic premise, poor reception and a string of bad reviews. Let me say it again: what a surprise! You'd think that putting Emilio Estevez, Anthony Hopkins, Rene Russo and Mick Fuckin' Jagger into a film about a futuristic bounty hunt would get people all riled up (in that tingly way). But no, they have to pan it. (whine ensues) "It's not realistic because it's set in post-apocalyptic 2009, way too close to '92..."; "there are too many chase scenes..." "why did they have to build props and sweet vehicles....that's just cheesy..." This one's especially good: "Any almanac should have told a scriptwriter who cared that November 23, 2009 falls on a Monday, not a Thursday." Hey there hoighty toighty! Well, in the words of that terrible culinary reality show Hell's Kitchen: fuck off. I think the futuristic-mobiles are freaking sweet. I love a good post-apocalyptic NYC. The idea of stealing a healthy, pre-pollution/nuclear waste body at it's moment of death in order to shove the shitty soul of some rich dude into it and therefore prolong their undeniably useless existence is not only tubular to the max, but it sounds like something Cheney's been working on in his basement. I rejoice in the reasoning that Estevez looks too healthy for this neo-New York (too repetitive?) and uses his 90's-life working skills of race car driving to avoid trouble as he's constantly chased by a cherry Jagger. Does he even get away in the end? And the acid-trip/I'm in the "spiritual switchboard" where souls are kept after the body dies (but only for 48 hours)/computer network Jesus-land is outrageously awesome. Yes, the movie's a little long. Yes, Mick Jagger talks funny. Yes, Russo is really hot and Hopkins only has a small part. These points are not nearly negative enough to detract from any of the other great things. The film also features fantastically freaky cameos by Jerry Hall (Grissom's masked ex-wife in Batman), Amanda Plummer (the fierce fanatic called Honey Bunny/Yolanda in the practically epic Pulp Fiction), and Frankie Faison, the creepy bay-rat eating prophetic madman who has been in no less than 3 other movies with Anthony Hopkins (the Silence of the Lamb series; and as different characters! I guess he plays 'generic black dude.') and 1 with Rene Russo (Thomas Crown Affair). Now, those are some good eats! Finally, this frightfully frolicking film bears its balls with a friendly R-rating, cited as being a result of violence and cussing (it's no "God damn shit; God damn piss" Circuitry Man though, that's for sure!), although I'm fairly certain that it was the undue viewing of Estevez's underwear and pasty white thighs that pushed it over the edge. Now, if someone just could tell me how the same person named him and his brother... Oh wait! Charlie Sheen's real name is actually Carlos Irwin Estévez! Damn, that's hot. I also threw up some pictures of the comic book based on the movie. Even hotter. And I couldn't find any cool enough pictures of the crazy cars, so I grabbed this climactic clip instead. Hottest!

Final Judgment: "Seriously sweet post-apocalyptic produce."

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Switchback (1997)

Another movie that flies under the radar...with a stub of a wikipage, a complete lack of interesting trivia, and a surprisingly A- list cast, Switchback certainly deserves (at least a little) recognition. I guess when there are like 100,000 big studio serial killer movies, it's easy for one to fall to the wayside. I certainly had never heard of this movie before running into it at a local discard-VHS retailer (Rasputin?), but I knew immediately that I would buy it and watch it and then probably post about it. Why? you ask. Well...the action-drama features Dennis Quaid, Danny Glover, and Jared Leto for a start. It also has some succulent sidekicks, including, but not limited to, R. Lee Ermey (Full Metal Jacket) and Ted Levine (Death Train! oh and Monk). There are tons of outdoor scenes, murder, blood and guts, car crashes, train crashes, suspense, confusion, and a cadillac filled with pornographic photo clippings. Sound familiar? That's because this bewildering beauty was written and directed by legend (at least in my head) Jeb Stuart! Now, while Jebbie-webbie has written the screenplays for some of the greatest 80's-90's action films (Leviathon, Die Hard, Another 48 Hours, and The Fugitive), his directing is about as titillating as his hick name. I mean, why did this movie need to be 2 hours long? Can anyone tell me? I actually had to watch it over 2 days because it was just 2 fucking long. And for what purpose? Why couldn't they just make every shot less than 2 seconds like any 2-bit, trusty action film? Or at least kill a lot more people? These are questions that I ask myself every day, or at least every day that I remember that I own this movie. There's not too (aren't you glad I stopped with those douchey numbers?) much more to say about it. It cost only $34 million and still couldn't manage to recoupe half of that. There weren't enough female characters, and no naked ones at all. Also, what happens afterwards? Why do they just end after so much invested time without letting us know any of the cursory consequences? And am I supposed to feel a little suspicious and offended when the only black character is the bad guy? I certainly feel uncomfortable when I watch Live and Let Die (ps. this clip has everything I love: Olympia shout-outs and awesome music!).

I deem it: "A sexless hick parade meets a killing-time-until-the-kids-come-home-from-soccer passion for mothers everywhere."

I'm sorry to say that I couldn't find pictures of that awesome cadillac anywhere. Trust me I looked.