Thursday, October 23, 2008

Whipping Star (1970)

I just finished reading this brilliantly bizarre Frank Herbert novel (yet another ridiculous writer who has claimed the Pacific NW as their humble home [apparently he considered the area an ecological refuge and based many of Dune novels on these themes]) and thought I would share it with the interverse. Written in 1970 (after Dune), it has all of the classic Herbert genius, including, but not limited to, a craftily generated reality with a series of species, a self-proclaimed canon of quotable literature, and a bunch of totally beyond me philosophical thoughts and exclamations. Damn, he's good. There's also a little diety action, some S&M, a plethora of communication disorders, a star that lives in multiple dimensions, imaginary worlds, and a bunch of crazy creatures with differing sentiencies and abilities. Awesome. Totally Awesome.

Final Judgment: "Utterly satisfying and expectedly mind-blowing."

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