Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Charlie's Angels (2000)

Another safe and saucy standard to keep my week rolling by. Every comment about this film that I've read (and trust me there are a lot; this was a $250+ million dollar international success after all) has said, (dopey frat boy? voice) "this movie is so much fun if you don't take it seriously." Well let me tell you mystery mister, I take it really fucking seriously. So there. Everyone talks about the plot holes and silly script like they don't understand that it was all completely intentional. It's just one big joke! They're laughing; why aren't you? Oh McG, I can only hope you continue to make/produce fearless features despite your wimpy name (perhaps the fact that he used to direct music videos has something to do with his vivaciously vapid movies that are seriously easy on the eyes). I guess it's a good thing that some people just see it as a ditsy action movie with lots of T&A; I never quite enjoy the obvious jokes as much as the secret ones. It is an action movie after all is said and done. And they didn't spend $95 million on it for nothing (thank god!; although, since Barrymore owns the rights to the franchise and produced and starred in the film, I guess she did get to pick her own salary...). There are tons of stunts, all the action you can handle (including Matrix-esque fight scenes that defy the physical laws of the universe), big and beautiful explosions and some of the most gruesomely gorgeous car crashes this side of the Mississippi. All the while, jokes are being told, chains are being yanked, previous premises are being parodied and everybody is having a grand ole time. With cast members like Tim Curry and Bill Murray (any number of rhyming jokes ensue), it seems hard not to laugh (and no, I'm not talking about their post-male-menopausal bodies). And you have to give the girls credit. Not only did they wear endless amounts of leather and beat up tons of dudes and a chick, they trained 8 hours a day for 3 months so they could do their own stunts! It's tricks like that those that make the movies awesome. Add in a bitchin' turn of the millennium soundtrack featuring a title track by Destiny's Child and you've got some serious girl power. And they bounce around in their underwear and giggle like idiots! Girls and guys alike can rejoice!

I deem it: "Colorful and creamy: my favorite combination!"

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