Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Real Genius (1985)

Well, I keep a rare few comedies on my shelves. I'm not sure what it is. I seem to enjoy the subtler side of life, so maybe searching out irony and humor in the inadvertent gets my throttle up higher than the more blatant busy-bodies. As mentioned, there are a few exceptions. If the movie has animals in it (ie Turner and Hooch), or is deeply dark (Dr. Strangelove), then I am incrementally inclined to enjoy it. But the more flamboyant comedies just never really touch me in the right place. Val Kilmer specialties seem to be beyond this proclamation, because it's hard to deny my love for Top Secret, and I just can't get enough of Real Genius. I mean, this movie is sheer gold. First of all, it's actually based on Caltech, and rowdy references, such as the writing on the steam tunnels, the contest cheat, the DEI initials, and all sorts of other undernoticed uniqueness, directly correlate with real events and places. Secondly, it's directed by a woman. Now, that in and of itself is an interesting accomplishment. I mean, let's face it, there just aren't a whole lot of female film directors (i guess we shouldn't hold it against her that the only other notable thing she's done is Material Girls with the Duff sisters; yikes!)! Woman + nerd movie with video game references, lasers, top-notch one-liners, perverse pranks, 80's college life and intellectuals? It's a dream come true! And Val Kilmer in the 80's is the hottest thing around (unfortunately, looks like that can't last forever [see below]! That hair, that smile, that utter recklessness and tomfoolery! But unlike Top Secret, Real Genius plays on the edge of absurdity, with nothing seeming quite too silly. And, as every intellectual knows, school isn't everything (and suits and ties mean even less!). It's really one of those "had-to-be-there" movies, so just watch it! For some awesome screenshots, check this site out.

I deem it: "The best comedy I've ever seen (and then some)!"

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crucialfixer said...

Fat Kilmer makes me sad.