Thursday, October 30, 2008

Titus (1999)

This movie is confusing in an veritable variety of ways. First and foremost, who makes a $20 million dollar movie and then only plays it on 90 screens, 50+ of which are in Spain? I mean, did they just give up or something? Was it "just about the art" (Many commentators agree that this Shakespearean adaption is both thrilling and timeless [although, what kind of people comment on this movie...?])? With that said, the rest of the confusion is more welcome and wily, like, how did they get an R rating with this much frontal nudity (and yes, the film is directed by a woman [she also wrote the screenplay and produced it, getting guaranteed control. And really the only other thing she's been allowed to work on is Frida (2002) = chick flick!]. Finally a chick who understands the glory of blood and guts, cock and tits [there are even some mom parts if you're into that...]!)? Or, what the fuck are they saying (I'll admit, the film is a little verbose. It is Shakespeare after all. Apparently, Titus is one of the most faithful adaptions of the ingenious Englishman's work [hence my previous swipe at the commentators]; instead of taking things out, the director added in non-verbal scenes to tie the plot together. Shakespeare lovers can rejoice at a[n almost] 21st century adaptation and [near certain] practicality of prevailing themes!) in this movie? Or, why am I newly nauseous (there are some truly nasty things going on in this story, including but not limited to: rape, mutilation, amputation and replacement of limbs with foliage, impalement, hanging, burying and cannibalism.)? And finally, why is Johnathon Rhys Meyers always showing off his stuff and rubbing it around with dudes in his movies? And why not in Bend it Like Beckham!? Oh the questions of life.

I deem it: "Viciously visual and vicariously violent plus a touch of Medieval speak and blatant bardolatry!

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