Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Running Scared (1986)/The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997)

Ahoy friends. I have been on a somewhat-lengthy hiatus to the gorgeous land of green (long life to the W-A), and I now return with a gentle slope back into internet. I've decided to start this slide with a comic duo of light-hearted proportions in the form of Billy Crystal and Bill Murray, two of the most influential hilarities of the eighties and definitely at the top of the pissing myself list. First of all, it can be no coincidence that they have almost the same name: no no, there are no coincidences, like the miracles of jesus, there is surely no way that two men so fated for the fortune and fame of Hollywood comedy could coincidentally have such a cute connection. Secondly, both Bills find themselves in the curious state of being equally and awkwardly ugly, not to the Farley extreme, but certainly notable as is almost a comic necessity. I mean, aren't fat chicks nice to make up for the chunk and ugly dudes hilarious to keep people laughing at something other than their faces? That's what I've been told at least. And these fine gentlemen find themselves now in the clean-cut but still cuttingly cuddly comedies released over a decade apart and yet still swimming in a similar vein (paddle through the blood my friends, paddle through the blood) that you see before you. While Running Scared manages to stand apart with its absolutely outrageous array of 80's costumes, Too Little carries with it a degree of planning that pays off in the most high-jinxed of ways. Oh high-jinxes, how I love you. I mean, that's all I really need to tell you, right? Billy and short-shorts? Bill as a bumbling yet oddly suave Theatre of Life participant? Come on already!

Final Judgment: "Long live the sharp-witted ugly kids (may your enemies die without sons)! = Hilarity ensues!

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