Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Blues Brothers (1980)

I like to think that this classic isn't really obscure or underrated. But for those few of you out there that haven't seen it, or haven't watched it since adolescence, you better get on it: at least 78.5% of the jokes that you made in the past year are derivatives of this fantastic feature. Also, it has an awesome cast of musicians filling in for Aykroyd and Belushi's passable yet 'not quite enough to keep a major movie afloat' singing. The greats that appear are none other than: James Brown,
Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker, Cab Calloway, and the unforgetable Chaka Khan (who is she again?). Not to mention that the film boasts other "special" appearances by the likes of Carrie Fisher, Steven Spielberg, Twiggy, and the elusive John Candy. With all of those names, how could you go wrong?: The answer is, you can't. So iconic (and ideal for Halloween costumes)! And what cute faces they have!

I deem it: "Delicious gravy with a side of jive turkey."

Don't forget: They're on a mission from God.

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