Saturday, December 13, 2008

The First Power (1990)

Despite the assumption that because Lou Diamond is in this hardy horror flick it must be made for TV, The First Power, believe it or not, is actually a successful feature length film. I'm personally giving credit to Lou Diamond's luscious locks and tight hairless bod, especially since the female side of this film is a little lacking. There's some psychic chick named Tess, which I don't especially approve of, a bunch of dead girls, but unless you're into necrophilia (in which case, you're in luck), these titties are not for you, and a nun (what's with the fetishes?...). Instead, you are presented with the grossly misshapen and perpetually popular ugly white dude, otherwise known as Jeff Kober, who has been showing up in quite a few of my films lately. Most people didn't really mind this film, probably because it focuses mostly on the cop vs. serial killer aspect, and only uses the I'm-a-reincarnated-version-of-Satan in order to justify the hallucinations. Although why anyone would want to hallucinate Jeff Kober is beyond me. Not much else happens. Unless you count me swooning at Lou Diamond in trench coat. They do have an awesome crucifix-dagger that they kill the evil dude with, but when I looked online, I couldn't find one to purchase! I'm thinking that's more of a Cow-Town black market purchase, but I'm definitely going to keep my eyes open. Hmm...what else was good....Oh the best part was when Lou Diamond valiantly shot into a vat of acid which promptly, and epically, exploded into a massive fireball. Just why, is beyond my limited capacity. There were actually several sweet blood and violence scenes, if you're into that. And apparently they used real stunt actors when they jumped off of roof tops and such! Oh, and there's no massive cover-up since they're still left with his post-resurrection corpse at the end. Nothing like a supernatural religious thriller to bring L.A. together...

Final Judgment: "If only that psychic could uncover the mystery of Lou Diamond's hair (is it the mystical Native American spirit in him?!)!/Standard supernatural horror, perfect for reminiscing about the 90's (oh the outfits!) on a dank and dirty night."

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