Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Fistful of Fuzz

Well....lookee here. Following my previous post on For A Few Fuzz Guitars More, I went out and got myself the first fuzz album from DMT. Because, let's face it, one more download location isn't going to kill anyone. Also, I'm in San Francisco, so the local flavor of a lot of these groups makes me feel all warm and (dare I say it) fuzzy on the inside. Hahahaha. I made a funny. A fuzzy funny perhaps? Okay, now I've gone too far. So here's the music. Enjoy my friends. Enjoy.

1. John Doe and the Acetates - "Purple Haze" (3:02)
2. Sound Apparatus - "Travel Agent Man" (3:10)
3. Ruins - "She Doesn't Understand" (2:08)
4. Prodigal - "Reality" (2:08)
5. Journey Back - "Synthetic People" (2:44)
6. Sounds Synonymous - "Tensions" (3:20)
7. Pretty - "The Electric Hand" (4:09)
8. Aliens - "Season of the Witch" (3:36)
9. Ritual - "Speed Freak" (3:20)
10. In-Keepers - "That Was Just His Thing" (3:36)
11. Loos Foos and the Fiberglass Cornflake - "Bless Me Father" (2:54)
12. Flying Circus - "You Really Got Me" (3:18)
13. Denims - "White Ship" (2:45)
14. Don Malena and the Dry Ice - "Land of Summertime" (3:38)
15. Thackeray Rocke - "Bawling" (3:11)
16. Tapestry Garden - "She Needs Love" (2:16)
17. Green Slime - "The Green Slime" (2:19)
18. Peabody Company - "Tobacco Road" (7:09)

DOWNLOAD the tracks here. Just click and save.


anjamarie said...

Hello hello! I am desperately looking for a hard copy of A Fistful of Fuzz. My dad was the bass player in Dry Ice ("Land of Summertime") and he's been looking for this album forever. It's his 61st birthday next month and I want to surprise him. Where on earth were you able to buy this?! Thanks so much for your help :)

Tesla said...

unfortunately, i have no hard copy of this album. digital only. i was first turned onto it through "for a few fuzz guitars more," which i found a burned copy of at a radio station i used to work at. i don't think hard copies of these puppies exist any longer! you might just have to burn one off and print out the photos all nice like....sorry! and good luck!