Tuesday, February 1, 2011

For A Few Fuzz Guitars More

Amidst a sea of chanting in foreign tongues and finger pickin' away, a few lone albums that represent classic American psychedelia grace my ipod. This is one of them. I found it in the stacks of my lovely WPRB and used that oh-so-noble of inventions, the "import" button to bring it warmly into my world (damn you Apple for getting so many shoutouts in this post!). It was only upon further examination, when I decided the CD was actually so awesome that I would pay money for it as a gift for a sibling, that I realized it is a basically non-existent commodity = boooooo. So, just to make sure that we maintain an active download link, here is my musical contribution to that invisible web that oozes information around the world. From what I can gather, For a Few is a actually the sequel to A Fistful of Fuzz, both compilations featuring late-60's hippy psychedelia music that is totally awesome. Overall, the songs are a little anti-war and apocalyptic, which just makes it more epic if you ask me. Both albums were put out by Digital Music Transcendence (DMT).

1. Purple Sun - "Doomsday" (2:43)
2. Velvet Haze - "Last Day on Earth" (2:22)
3. Golden Grass - "Elastic Soldier" (2:16)
4. Bare Facts - "Toy Soldier" (2:37)
5. Ritual - "Walls of My Mind" (2:43)
6. Sherman Marshall - "Purple Haze" (2:37)
7. Smith Vinson - "Hallucinations" (2:21)
8. Rochelle Rosenthal and the Kickball Queen - "Lottery" (2:31)
9. Goodly Rubenson - "Inside Outside" (2:14)
10. Living End - "Sheep" (2:35)
11. Super Band - "Fast-Master" (2:40)
12. Peacepipe - "The Sun Won't Shine Forever" (2:49)
13. Dystraction - "Where Are We Now?" (3:42)
14. Fowl - "You Know" (2:42)
15. White Lightnin' - "Leaves" (3:07)
16. Twiggs - "Moon Maiden" (2:54)
17. Attack - "School Daze" (2:51)
18. Sounds Synonymous - "Babylon" (3:20)
19. Sub - "Ma-Mari-Huana" (4:50)
20. Outrage - "The Letter" (4:38)

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