Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Fire Upon the Deep (1992)

Yes, it's that time again. I have finished another book and decided to express its greatness in the forum of this blog. An amazing novel by the contemporary science-fiction great, Vernor Vinge, this book takes place after "A Deepness in the Sky" in the same Universe. Basically, lots of really crazy concepts, including Medieval pack-mind conscious Canidae and skroderiders, or kelp on wheels. And the list goes on. It's hard to explain the absolute godliness of a book like this, so I can only hope you believe me. The detail is incredible, the ideas are literally out of this world, and yet it's still familiar enough to provoke some pretty serious pondering. Well, for me at least, any book that uses terms like the Singularity, the Slow Zone, the Beyond, Godshatter, the Transcend and the Unthinking Depths is bound to rouse my curiosity. Ahh the Singularity, so many times you invade my bubble of existence! Or as they say, once you are looking for something, you see it everywhere.

Final Judgment: "If the Hugo and Nebula Awards aren't convincing enough, trust the mad computer-scientist mathematician and his cannon-firing dogs!"

PS. Did you know that Spencer actually works with the son of the Singularity founder?
Crazy cool, huh!


SidR said...

Glad that you finally got around to reading this.

Does this mean that you have also read "Deepness in the sky" ?

Tesla said...

ha! i did indeed. and it was excellent as well! i actually thought i'd written a post about it, but i guess not...