Sunday, June 1, 2008


This album, released by the Scandinavian Music Company (associated with Harmony Music Records ["an insurance that you possess authentic selections from the Scandinavian Countries' Music and Folk Songs"]) in 1948, goes by everything from The Music of Scandinavia to The Old Fashioned Dance Melodies, and finally, Dance Music, Played by the Scandinavian Boys. Unfortunately, the LP, with it's sprightly waltzes, hambos, polka and schottische, is no longer available online, so keep digging through those sale bins! The tracks are traditional tunes selected by Hans Berggren ("known for his activities in radio and recordings" [I can't find anything on him in English!]) and then performed by the Scandinavian Boys Orchestra at his behest. Very fun, very cheerful, very uplifting, yadayadayada. Originally priced at $3.98 (it was 1948!).

I deem it: "A Scandinavian barrel (trumma, cylinder, [gevärs] pipa, eldrör, fat, valse) of fun!"

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