Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002 [but made in 2000])

I was inspired to purchase this VHS after seeing it listed as showing in a local "Bad Movie Night" event under the belief that many such judgments can lead to the discovery of fine fantasy features. I wasn't disappointed (mostly). Although listed as one of the largest box office failures of all time ($95 mill loss; shit, that's bad!), it doesn't seem any worse than any other comedic sci-fi movie with a big-shot lead (Eddie Murphy) and a large budget (eg. Galaxy Quest [is that a deterrent?]). We even get some thong action! Mostly it's an action/comedy set on the surface of the moon. My opinion is that audiences can accept some level of fantasy/ irrationality/ futurism/ alternate reality as long as at least some part of the premise seems realistic, applicable and relevant. Unfortunately for them, Eddie Murphy as an ex-smuggler turned jazz club owner while simultaneously playing a gambling, organized crime mogul (he's also loving-up Rosario Dawson) is rarely relevant, let alone realistic. And when you add older model, horn-dog, bald, happy-requisite (and sometimes French Maid) androids into the equation, many people cringe and long for their more reliable, cubicle-filled existence. Well, I personally enjoyed the cosmic landscapes, the cheesy laser guns, the futuristic technology updates, the blatant Mexican stereotypes, and the subtle post-Terra jokes (Sinatra covers are so original!). Is that so wrong?...

I deem it: "As tasty as classic cheese"

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