Monday, May 26, 2008

The Hudsucker Proxy (1994)

Yes, it's written by the Coen Brothers (directed by Joel). Yes it's got Tim Robbins and Paul Newman in it. Yes it's clever, and Yes it's funny. But there's only one real reason that this movie experience is going up on my blog. Bruce Fucking Campbell! Oh Brucey, Brucey; he appears in the most interesting places and makes every movie worth writing about. Let's face it, if it's got Bruce Campbell in it, it must be kitschy and/or action/horror/sci-fi and/or just plain fanfuckingtastic. Campbell's appearance is a guaranteed result of having Sam Raimi as a more secretive co-writer on this golden masterpiece. In fact, almost everything I've seen from Sam Raimi has had Bruce Fucking Campbell or Lucy The Warrior Princess Lawless in it. The man's a genius! Pure genius! Oh shit, and he produced Time Cop. 1994 was a good year. Face it, the man's a living god!

So, see The Hudsucker Proxy. It's not a waste of time. And you'll be adding another Raimi/Campbell masterpiece to your confusing belt of Movie Memories.

Final Verdict: "Anything with Campbell...."

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