Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Solar Crisis (1990)

Apparently Solar Crisis managed to achieve its only acclaim through the fact that it's the biggest budget film to go straight to video. It says "From the visual wizards that brought us Star Wars and 2010," on the cover, but don't let that do more than remind you of the better days. Poor Charlton Heston. Also in this slow but more-or-less interesting apocalypse sci-fi are Jack Palance (of City Slickers fame), Peter Boyle (who made an appearance in Outland), and Michael Berryman, that freaky looking guy who always plays a deformed mutant (no, not Danny Trejo...). It definitely steals from other sci-fi ventures, but at least it chooses well. Mad Max inspired bandits roam the highways and there's a serious Kubrick moment with a colored acid flashback as the biogenetically engineered chick (who showed off some serious tatas in an uncomfortable situation before being mentally hacked for the enemy) flies an anti-matter weapon directly into the Sun. Also, there's the requisite depressed computer A.I.

Final Judgement: "It could have been a lot worse."

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