Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Go Ye.. Id..

Oh Eric and Carlos. They left Argentina in March of 1964 to journey to Miami and spread Christian testimony to the peoples. In Argentina, Carlos Ibarbalz studied public accounting and Eric Ericsson was a medical student. "Despues de 2 años de viaje cubriendo la mayoria de los paises del continent americano, y antes de partir hacia el Oriente, desean dejar como recuerdo este disco con himnos y coros de America, en agradecimiento a tantos amigos y hermanos en Cristo que les acompañan en sus oraciones." Says Carlos, "We speak and give our testimony in word and song with Eric playing accordion or piano." The best part about the record is not their pleas to "join in in Spanish!" but the fact that they're just not very good. It gives quite a delightful aspect to this piece of history. And while I don't necessarily agree with the message, I am certainly down with the means.

I deem it: "vaguely inspirational."

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