Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chile: En Las Voces De Los Huasos Quincheros

Released by the Servicio Nacional de Turismo Chile and Lan-Chile (Linea Aerea Internacional Chilena) in 1976, this 12" is an interesting intersection between music, politics and image. All of the tracks are performed by Los Huasos Quincheros, a 4-man Chilean Folklore music group with the accompaniment of their four guitars. Oh, and an orchestra. Apparently they have played in the following countries: Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil Panama, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Uruguay, Venezuela and U.S.A. How informative! They're so worldly! The LP is filled with color photos of scenic Chile and a propaganda segment for the airlines, the English version of which contains typos (That's how you know it's authentic!) (At least they tried for English at all!). All in all, the music is pleasant, if not expected. But having something fulfill expectations shouldn't be taken for granted. Oh, ps., you can buy this album online as long as you're willing to shell out $30+ (shop local independent international clearance section!)

Final Verdict: "Now I want to go to Chile."

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