Sunday, May 18, 2008

Stefan Hrusca

Apparently this Stefan guy is a pretty big deal in Romania; that's where this record was recorded in 1990. Hrusca's career began in the 80's and continued all the way into the new millennium. This particular album is a collection of "traditional" carols and religious songs of the Maramureş people (where Stefan is from), a region historically known as Transylvania. And that's pretty much exactly what this is: carols and religious songs of Northern Romania, sung by a baritone male lead and with a slightly contemporary feel. Although I always love religious tracks (the culture!), George Stanca (the engineer poet?) thinks slightly more of Hrusca, stating that, "it is clearly seen that the entire colour of his melodies is mystical. In other words Stefan sings heavenly, bringing the divinity nearer to us...With this record Stefan seems to return to the primary wisdom, revealing us a soul of an artist turned monk who, until now, has unwillingly consumed a penance, which did not belong to him. I'm sure that good almighty God will bless this album, which will be listened to, with piety and our old reverence towards carols, in any Romanian home."
Well....I don't know if it will bring salvation but....

I deem it: "Good for the soul."

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