Saturday, May 17, 2008

Alistair Anderson: Traditional Tunes

Recorded in 1975 at the Eldron Fennig Folk Museum of American Ephemera, this album is a compilation of traditional tunes on English concertina and the Northumbrian small pipes. Both reed instruments, the resulting tracks are hearty and uplifting instrumentals that bring to mind images of green rolling hills and prolific sheep. Some of the classiest songs include "Four Bare Legs Together" and "The Peacock Followed the Hen." Indeed, the LP states that, "Over the past few years, Alistair Anderson has made the British and American folk world sit up and listen to the dance tunes of Northumberland, Scotland and Ireland. With his English concertina and Northumbrian pipes he interprets the jigs, reels, rants and airs played by the traditional musicians of the British Isles for over 300 years."

In short, you'll be: "Getting 'jiggy' wit it."

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