Sunday, May 25, 2008

Misa Criolla

"A dynamic spiritual performance of the Catholic Mass based on the rhythms and traditions of Hispanic America sung by Los Fronterizos Chorus and Orchestra - and Navidad Nuestra, a folk drama of the Nativity." Composed in 1964, Misa Criolla is the brain-child of Ariel Ramírez, an Argentinian Artist who drew on his ancestry using language, rhythms, and even overall character (Creole means 'native') to write the mass. In 1965, the Misa Criolla was combined with Navidad Nuestra, a Christmas Cantata composed by Ramírez and Felix Luna, to form a Musical Masterpiece whose recordings sold many copies around the world. This particular version of the two-piece wonder was performed by the original group, Los Fronterizos, and accompanied by the Choir of the Basílica del Socorro under the direction of Ariel himself. Released as part of the "Philips Connoisseur Collection" in 1965, the 12" comes with a variety of text and illustrations and is quite inspired. The music is also pretty fantastic and combines heavy group vocals and solos with a variety of religious themes. Ah, religious themes. They just never seem to get old. Some of the tracks include "Gloria Carnavalito-Yaraví," "Credo Chacarera trunca," Los Reyes Magos Takirari," and "Kyrie."

I deem it: "Better than Christmas!"

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