Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Order (2003)

Known as Sin Eater in most other places in the world, this dark, semi-apocalyptic religious thriller has found a place on my blog mostly because I have a weakness for religious thrillers. Ah the world of demons and the structure of the religious institution. It's rife with myth and perfect for supernatural themed movies. This pic is definitely on the slow side, but if you're substantially stoned, you should have no problem being riveted, especially once the bizarro blood-and-devil acid collages start up. Minimal CGI, but it's for the best. I also like how the plot structure is basically a big "fuck you" to Hollywood. And the darkness of the movie is definitely emphasized by the uncanny hindsight of Heath Ledger's death. All in all, substantially weird, seriously dark, and a fine evening of demon inspired thrills.

Final Judgment: "Good for a Monday night."

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