Sunday, May 18, 2008

Elizabeth Sings

Well, I'm officially moving Elizabeth Jane Gaudino into the digital age. The born-again lady produced this record, Holding My Saviour's Hand, but I can't seem to find anything about its existence. Makes you wonder what else is out there. Anyway, Elizabeth learned harp and voice at Eastman School of Music, married in 1949 and she gave up the biz before she even began, because, "the joy of her walk with Christ from childhood was much too rich an experience to exchange for the glitter and tinsel of show business." The back cover also mentions her mother hallucinating and the fact that nothing but Jesus can satisfy. MMmm Jesus. Well, if you're up for some soprano, piano, organ and drums in the form of fairly standard/traditional Christian hymns, this is a good choice.

Final Judgment: "Elizabeth sings, you listen."

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Unknown said...

whoaaaaaa. colored vinyl!