Friday, May 16, 2008

Heavy Metal 2000 (2000)

Now this is a film to inspire the ages. Although it differs drastically from the original, Heavy Metal 2000 definitely brings something to the screen. Mostly animated nudity and violence, and a few truly nauseating graphics, but hey, what were you really expecting? The concept, other than to make women with the biggest breasts possible and a hard-rock soundtrack to die for, is basically one of bad vs. evil. It includes the elixir of immortality, which only works as long as you can imbibe it, and some hot aliens that are hot specifically because they have the elixir remnants in their ground water; and then there's some draining and consuming of their precious bodily fluids. Yum. Throw in skimpy outfits, a variety of planets and species, a taste for revenge, mystic aliens, a wise-cracking horndog, a little rock creature, unnecessary sex and violence, and hand animated + 3-D CGI effects and you've got a very enjoyable film. Right?

Final Verdict: "WATCH (but not around children)!"

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