Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cops and Robbersons (1994)

I've never even heard of this movie. But while perusing Netflix watch instantly movies, and through a series of "more like these" moments, I ended up selecting this piece of picture for the queue section of my life. I mean, who can resist a movie with both Chevy Chase and Jack Palance?! Okay, Chevy Chase has been in some shit. Or, at least, he's been in enough movies that I can pick and choose between his life's work and still feel like there's a whole wide world of genre out there with his name on it. But Jack Palance. Now he's a sell. That voice. That gruff attitude....Those uncanny facial expressions! Only Jack Palance could smoke a week old cigarette butt and eat a stale fry simultaneously! Only Jack Palance could seem badass while wearing an old man sweater that is just barely passing for not-a-bathrobe! And only Jack Palance could perform facial acrobatics that bring shining lights of glory here from heaven! He's like the Marlboro Man incarnate! And boy is he pissy. The other unsung star in this gem is the plaid shirt. Yes, I said it, the plaid shirt. Here we have the king of the 90's family fun, Jason James Richter, the star of not only the greatest animal trilogy ever released (Free Willy) but also that terrible Neverending Story abomination (III) with Jack Black. And he is wearing the quintessential, must have 90's outfit. That's right, the ripped jeans, dirty sneakers, iron maiden shirt, leather jacket and...dun dun dun...plaid shirt tied around his waist. I mean, what's it doing there? He's already wearing a jacket. Is he going to put it on later? Or is it just for wiping his nose with? Who knows. It was a hot look back then. Add in the slicked back hair, single ear piercing and bad attitude, and you've got a genuine 90's stud. And yes, this is a care free movie. It will make you feel better mostly by making you feel smarter. I mean, even I know that no one will buy a 2 inch diameter hand-rolled cigarette if you're trying to prove that you smoke to a murderous villain. But everyone just goes with it. As should you. Advice to live by: just go with it. = NOT!

Final Judgment: "Classically and comically comatose!/Long live house wives everywhere!/Jack Palance is my hero!

Ps. I got some of these pics from a blog called "Favorite Hunks and Other Things." Nice to know you're going somewhere David Barry Gray!

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