Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The International (2009)

Well, I have managed to choose yet another slow and boring action movie. How is that even possible? Doesn't that defeat the point of it being an action movie? I picked this one because after watching Shoot 'Em Up, a spicy flick with the lady of the week, Ms. Monica, I convinced myself that any action movie with Clive Owen had potential. Oh well. At least this one had some sweet architecture and widescreen Euro-coast shots. The Germans are suddenly seeming appealing again! Anyway, this movie happened. I was there. I probably won't remember it tomorrow, and I don't really care. I mean, what's up with the fact that they're all fancy Blackberry texting secret info but then they still use that annoying "message arrived" ding and put surveillance bugs in wall-phones? WTF dudes?! We are officially a long way from the 90's. So let's get this shit together! Oh, and the Bank wins.

I deem it: "A half-hearted attempt to rub in the C.R.E.A.M. mantra with a little bit of arms dealing for a kick/Clive Owen, your sexy, beat-up face is not enough to keep me interested...and that is a sad sad thing!"

And who could resist another Monica picture? I held back the nudie pics in case my mom was reading....

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Muskeg Harpy said...

I watched this twice and fell asleep twice. It is so boring. How can Clive Owen be boring?