Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tears of the Sun (2003)

Now, I don't usually say many negative things on this here blog, mostly because I'm fairly tolerant when it comes to shitty movies. But, I just sat through 2 hours of the movie only to find out that the Director's cut is 20 minutes longer. How many more fucking desperate treks through the jungle could he possibly throw in there?! I won't lie, I thought that the presence of two prestigious and attractive actors (aka Bruce Willis and Monica Bellucci) could make this a solid action flick. Boy was I wrong. The only mildly entertaining part of this flick was, like, the 45 seconds of bouncing cleavage gifted by the lovely Miss Bellucci. No, rape tits are definitely not a gift. I like how Mr. Douchbag "Innocuous" (from Raleigh, NC) has a completely different standard of life than I do. Or at least movies. His almost unknowingly dumb comment reads:

"And since when was a movie so horribly, horribly bad because it couldn't be filmed in the actual location? So what if this was filmed somewhere other than Nigeria? And so what if the music was not "authentic Nigerian music"? I don't remember a title card at the beginning of the movies saying it's a National Geographic documentary.

This is a good movie. Less action than many war movies and less thought than some political dramas. "

So what the hell's left?

I deem it: "A pathetic excuse to give Bruce Willis a gun."

Ps. Monica Bellucci is so hot, I had to include more than one picture of her...She's over 40 you know!

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