Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dick Anthony Family

Well, this has to be the creepiest album I've ever been in the presence of. From the vacant stares to the bizarre outfit choices, the variety of ages, the terrible haircuts.... And, yes, let me say it again, that whole lack-of-soul thing is really freaking me out. Mixed at Rainbow Sound in Dallas, this LP features such winners as "The Body of Christ" (I'm the arm, you're the hand....), "Gossip, Gossip," and the narrative masterpiece, "Moses." Wow, what a doozy. The poofy-haired collective is described as "A Christian family, caring and sharing, discovering, developing, using their gifts, returning their talents with increase to God and now extending their ministry into your home." Is it just me, or does this sound like some sort of incestuous, sex cult? I mean, doesn't everything about that just sound gross? Yikes. Maybe if I hadn't seen the cover..... Double yikes! The tracks are actually laughable. Once again, the creep factor is largely to blame, but the lyrics and tones don't make it any easier. Luckily (right?), we get to hear everybody sing, we get some harp and some organ, and there are even a few songs with a full orchestra. There are actually a few copies of this online, mostly at Christian music sites, so please, help yourself. I even found a partial article on the group in a 1974 copy of the Fresno Bee Republican : "Page A4 Nov. THE FRESNO BEE Family Singers The Dick Anthony Family will present a concert of religious music Wednesday at p.m. in the Full Gospel Tabernacle." So they did actually exist, and they did actually make music, and this is not just some sort of nightmare hallucination struck down on me as retribution from a higher being... Or is it?

Final Judgement: "Whatever you do, stay away from the kool-aid (and the leather!)!"

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Put the staph down Moses!