Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mystery Challenge #1

I'm officially adding the category of the 'Mystery Challenge,' to my blog. "Why?" you ask: because I can't read Chinese! A poor reason on my part, it's true, but a sad fact none the less. This LP, released on China Record Co. and Toshiba in 1980, and EMI (Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong) in '81, is freaking awesome. The orchestral tracks are poignant and moving and also from another country (this gives them duplicate, delightful dimensions)! The orchestra itself is talented and well-organized (just look at how proper everyone looks in their band/prison uniform [it serves double duty]!). I love world music! Unfortunately, the LP has not gifted us more information than a few tantalizing photos of an 80's Chinese orchestra with ridiculously sweet instruments (I especially love that there's a picture from the front of the orchestra on the front and a picture of the back on the back of the LP; did that just blow your mind?) and, the all-seeing, ever-present, Chinese language description. While I believe that one should attempt to learn everything in the Universe, taking up Chinese has not surfaced high enough on my life-list as of yet, and I remain incredulously ignorant. Alas, I can only hope that, somewhere out there, there is someone reading this blog who can provide me with a much needed translation. And so I ask: "WHAT IS THIS ALBUM (other than awesome of course)?" Solve the Mystery Challenge!

I deem it, "A veritable tease!"

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kate said...

the album is from chinese vinyl famous classical selections, titled "moonlight reflected on the er-quan spring," performed by the chinese national broadcast orchestra. they're all pretty standard chinese folk songs. they're not prisoners, they're just wearing mao suits.