Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Elektra (2005)

Hot, hot, hot. And spicy. Definitely saucy. Ok, and sometimes like a mouse (it happens!). No I'm not talking about sex with some Latin pool boy, but rather, Jennifer Garner, especially in this marvelous movie (ha ha, get it?). After watching hours upon hours of Alias, it's no surprise that this down-home, ass-kicking fiend grew on me. And I really like this movie. Not just for the cleavage and the hot red leather outfits, but because of....oh wait, is that the reason? I guess mostly. Nah, I'm joshing! Definitely one of the more under-appreciated Marvel releases of the last decade (and there were a lot of releases), Elektra, a Frank Miller comic creation, does more than just show a bad-ass power chick killing people. She also makes out with another chick under duress! Hawt. There's even a sensei! Crucial! Oh, and lest I forget, there's the surprisingly adept cinematography, with some truly beautiful shots up in the BC, a solid use of colors and effects (the sheet fight!), a labyrinth, several animals (both real and computer animated) and so on. It's like they actually tried! Even the CGI is toned down in an effort to make a truly classy 21st century action/fantasy/superhero flick. I like it. I like the simple, but riding-under-the-surface plot (has this all been a test?). I like the interesting and diverse, yet mythical, villians. I like the scenery and the shots. And yes, I like Jennifer Garner in skin-tight outfits (can you blame me?; that girl is toned!)
All in all,

I deem it: "Exactly what I've always wanted."

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Alan Wei said...

Nice! i JUST watched "Daredevil" on TV on Sunday night. After the introduction to Elektra in the movie, i wanted to watch this too!