Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mindwarp (1992)

This is one of those movies where the cover doesn't really match up with the actual movie (I had the VHS cover down at the bottom! This one says millions more! And it's ridiculously awesome!). Maybe if I had known that it goes by the alternate title of Brainslasher, I would have had a better feel for what I was getting myself into. Either way, I declare this film to be amazing. First of all, it's got Bruce Campbell in it. That alone makes it better than about 70% of all other films. Secondly, it addresses the question which I often find myself pondering: will humans ultimately merge with machines and/or coexist solely in a digital world? Finally, even though I've only seen it once, I draw similarities between the film and preposterous questions that I ask myself on a daily basis, often without even realizing it. This means (gasp!), there's actually some sort of intellectuality happening at some point in this film! Granted, most of the movie is spent in some sort of mutant gore fest where these biologically deviated creatures force-forage for shiny, old things by day (from previous human existence on the surface!) and drink each other up at night. Yes, that's correct. There are several scenes of grinding people up and drinking their blood from a goblet. And all this on a million dollar budget (apparently it's one of 3 films produced by the short-lived Fangoria Films)! Bruce Campbell, as I'm sure you've guessed, is the stand alone hero in this wasteland, still human and surviving, who usurps the power of the evil warlord (who turns out to be the chick's father!) and stops him from drinking brains. But then of course, the power of blood pulls him into the dark side. You know what the most ridiculous part of all this is?!! (I only feel sorry for giving away the ending sometimes...): In the end the chick just finds out that this has all been a simulated experience in her mind because her father is actually the Systems Operator, and he's been stuffing these lies into her head because he doesn't want her to go up to the surface but instead desires that she spend her life hooked up to some sort of brain machine that makes you think you're doing fun things all day and then she can be promoted to controlling everyone else's brain machines. And she fucking goes for it! What a bitch! I can't believe I was even rooting for her! But seriously, question of the day: If you aren't fighting for survival, what's the point in living/meaning of life (don't you dare say reproduction!)? And/or: What makes living in reality any more meaningful than living with only virtual experiences? And/or: Is it the virtual that's the problem? Or the fact that there are really only good experiences? Just a few things to think about I guess.
And don't worry, the editing in the movie is way better than the editing in the trailer...

Final Judgment: "Dirty, bloody, porn-starry, mutanty and totally fucked up + the future of the human race and the meaning of life! Is it just me, or do these things fall right into my lap?

"I never imagined I could devour my own child. But I can. Here I can do anything - it's wonderful."


Mike J said...

Reading this post makes me want to leave LA that much more (because living here is like some sort of weird cannibal virtual reality game?? Or something).

Tesla said...

"I never imagined I could devour my own child. But I can. Here I can do anything - it's wonderful."