Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Steel Beach (1993)

Well, John Varley is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors, largely in part to this awesome piece of fiction. I've read his Gaea trilogy (Titan, Wizard, and Demon) which are all stupendous and nominated for a bunch of awards. This piece, however, has more humor and a touch more human insight. It also plays around with the question of the meaning of life and so on. In general, really awesome, fun to read, hard to put down, and all that jazz. If you're looking for some meaningful but still whimsical sci-fi, I highly recommend it. Apparently it garnered a lot of buzz from it's opening line.....:"In five years, the penis will become obsolete."

I deem it: "Spectacular sci-fi!/ Lifegiving literature!/ Finally, somebody who's willing to ask the tough questions and lay down the tough answers!"

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