Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wizards (1977)

It's not very often that you can say a movie that grossed only $9 million in theaters was wildly successful, but for this delightful delicacy, with a budget of a mere $1.2 million, that is exactly the case. In fact, some of the features that makes this film so exquisite are the result of said limited budget, and here in we find proof that full-throttled intention certainly means more than funding. Written and directed by Ralph Bakshi, the creator of such curiosities as Fritz the Cat, Heavy Traffic, Spiderman (1968-1980), The Lord of the Rings, and the graciously gratuitous Cool World, Wizards delivers exactly what's promised: political themes, creature features, and juicy titties. Agreed, the plot is a little bit of an afterthought for this awesome animation, but let's face it, the animation is what we came to see. And damn is it good. Part of the budget dilemma resulted in the (in my opinion) creatively crafty idea of superimposing live-action war footage from other films, but first eliminating all dimensionality and color. What you get is this literal collage of animation techniques with crazy fairies and wizards and weirdos, but also insanely intense line-drawn backgrounds that make your brain spin, and finally, the borrowed war footage. If the Nazi war plot of good versus evil isn't enough, the sheer medium of the piece should give you some sociological fodder to work with. Otherwise, hit the bong and just enjoy the incredible images. All in all, this is interesting and visually excellent animation for the intellectually or imagery-ally inclined.

I deem it: "Tubuloso!/ Giggling fairies with tits against mutant Nazi demons: the choice is easy and attractive!/Proving once again that cartoons aren't just for kids (Fuck you Rabbit!)!

For more awesome pictures, check out the Bakshi site!

And definitely feel free to watch the trailer (Oh the sweet sound of seventies music and sexy sirens...)!

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