Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Der Grosse Zapfenstreich (1966)

Well, on this sunny day filled with dogs and sushi, I thought I'd throw up a few musical ventures onto this here blog-o-mystery. Where better to start than with the Germany military marches?! Played by the Band of the 11th Panzer-Grenadier Division, this LP was released as part of the Polydor International Music Series, because nothing says the 60's like German drums-a-banging. And the album comes with a nice big warning label: "Authentic recording produced in Hamburg." Well, I guess with all that South Seas shit masquerading as the real article with natives on the cover when it's actually some sort of Broadway assassin, an actuality advertisement ain't all that bad (reminds me of that SARS-free tourist shop I stopped by in St. Petersburg...). Irregardless, there's plenty of banging, lots of cadence, and quite a few tattoos (sounds like my first girlfriend). And there are some pretty random marches like "March of the Finnish cavalry of the 30 years war" and "Ancient tattoo from the 18th century." I even learned that tattoos originated in wine and revelry, as did most good things. So suck it up, enjoy the beat and think authority. As the album itself declares, this music can only provide you with one thing:
Final Judgment: "A glorious sound from ancient time recalls the murmur of eternity"

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" Fantastic music. "