Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Só Forró (1975)

Well, I could find nothing about this album online, although a few of the artists came up on sites like "musicapopular." I don't really know what that's all about because the album is pretty freaking solid. I mean, as long as you like Brazilians and the accordion, we should be flying high here. The LP in my possession is actually a 1983 re-release of the same album, and like the internet, provides little to no information about itself. I can see that it's a compilation with tracks from dudes named Leonel, Silveira and Adolfo, and I can tell from the complete lack of english and the no-name label that it was actually pressed and released in Brasil, but other than that, we're mostly in the dark. But pray ask yourself?: what more could we really want? If the music alone isn't enough, you better pack your Hohner and go.
Final Judgment: "¡Baile mi esclavo, baile!

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