Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tapeheads (1988)

Well, this is pretty much one of those movies that reminds me why I do what I do. Yes indeed-y, there's nothing like spending hours sifting through stacks of and stacks of movies, primarily unwanted copies of Austin Powers II, Batman & Robin and Picture Perfect, only to discover a hidden gem, a masterpiece which might not have otherwise wandered across your crooked path. This is one of those movies. Made in 1988 by an unknown, Bill Fishman, who continues on his journey within obscurity, this puppy was produced on just $10k. Now that's a legit low-budget flick. And, it actually made money, can you believe it? Oh, the hope. The original hipster of films, this piece of work combines parody with absurdity, insanity and vulgarity, a prettier mix I've never seen before. And reasoning out why Cusack and Robbins agreed to be in this off-kilter independent piece simultaneously boggles and arouses my mind. I mean, they had both been in some serious stuff, like Top Gun and Sixteen Candles; even Better off Dead! Oh well, whatever their reasons, they have triumphantly climbed aboard the pedestal of movie greatness, at least in my brain. And for some reason, my brain is really where I get all of my best information. Other cameos include Doug E. Fresh, Weird Al Yankovich, Courtney Love, etc. Oh, the '80s. But seriously: claymation chicken, a glittery Swedish band, a tits and ass video, the midriff with sweatpants, the skeeze moustache, an African-American cowboy band, the totally random chick fight with nunchaku and switchblades, an amazing music treble cleft glitter jacket, and a barrel jamaican band with video cop and public sex. And those are just the parts I bothered to write down!

I deem it: A barrel of fun and some outrageous primates (Cusack and Robbins that is)/Everything I could dream of in an 1980's music-scene comedy/Oh the outfits!/Tits and Ass forever!

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