Friday, September 5, 2008

Evolution (2001)

Well, I'm running a little behind on posts, or maybe I'm just watching too many movies (nahhh), but either way, I've had to pick and choose what cinematic masterpieces/obscurities get first place on the list. And hell, this seemed like a good choice. First of all, it has Dan Aykroyd in it, so it's consistent. And it works off one of my favorite concepts (albeit mocked and degraded)! I saw it several times before I realized that is written (or re-written) by Ivan Reitman, the dude that did Ghostbusters. While suddenly about 50% more of the jokes instantaneously make sense, I have to knock myself on the noggin for not catching it sooner. I mean, really. It should have been pretty fucking obvious as soon as it becomes evident that the plot is going to focus on 3 disgruntled scientist/academic types teaming up with a fourth social derelict in order to combat the powers of the scary, yet amusing, supernatural. While it certainly doesn't bring the same spunk as Ivan's real masterpieces, it does bring about the realization that studio humor has been pathetically degraded over the years. Finally, a major sci-fi comedy that doesn't take itself seriously and yet also wasn't targeted for the 4-14 age bracket (not that everyone doesn't enjoy a good romp with Pluto Nash and Galaxy Quest every once in a while). Although, I guess "major" isn't really a great descriptive concept as I'm sure that not many of you out there in cyberspace have heard of, or at least seen, this movie within the last 5 years. And it's not bad. David Duchovny and Julianne Moore are hot. Orlando Jones and Seann William Scott certainly give it a low-brow feel, but as Spencer and I decided over an intense debate and a Mt. Dew, Ghostbusters probably seemed pretty low-brow at the time of its release as well (a comedy about science fiction reaching a mainstream audience? proposterous!). Combine in some CGI other-worldly monsters (blue apes and dragon types anyone?), Duchovny's ass, a couple of pretty sweet sets, a perceptible move from comedy to sci-fi/action, Orlando Jones' ass, a pair of shotguns, napalm and a really long firehose, and you've got yourself a sure-fire winner.

I deem it: "An enema worth every inch!"

And, just for fun...

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