Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Legally Blonde (2001)

Don't worry: this will not be a full post. I just happened to be watching this on TV the other day, (another don't worry: I don't own it) and I realized that I needed to make a very important shout out. Did you know that none other than the glorious and glamorous Francesca Roberts is in this film?!! For those of you not caught up on your classic cinema, she's the delectable and delicious Big Bertha of SMB! Big-chested and dressed to the T in red pleather and spring-loaded boots, Francesca dances the cahones off of Bob Hoskins in that epic feature I so recently posted about. She plays the judge in this frolicking film. Ohh the Verse!! So infinite and yet filled with intricate coincidences? Now if only there were more pictures....

Final Judgment: "Maybe there is a God!"

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