Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Twin Warriors (1993)

Well, apparently I am not alone in thinking that this movie is pretty fucking fantastic. This Shaolin picture, filmed in China and released as Tai ji: Zhang San Feng stars both Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh (recently reunited in Forbidden Kingdom) who are, unfortunately, not twins of any kind. Instead, the movie follows two mischievious monks (oh...those kind of twins) who, upon learning martial arts, but not decency or respect, are cast out of the monastary and forced to find their way in the real world. One (Li) goes to live with some rebels (stop stealing money from the poor!) and the other goes, as Ramblin' Jack would say, wrong. Now, while I'm generally skeptical of this genre (soooo many of this type have been made!), I will not hesitate to say that the fighting scenes in this particular film rival those of The Legend of Drunken Master, of which I have never, until recently, seen an equivalent. While it doesn't have the physical humor of the former, it certainly kicks ass: flying asians and brutal killings abound. And since Li and his twin manage to get their hands on some supernaturally sweet moves, things get pretty crazy by the end. There's not too much more I can say. It's awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. And you get to see Jet Li looking and acting like a deranged wild-man. Super Suweet.

Final Judgment: "This movie will kick your tootie-patootie any day."

ps. While the second poster doesn't have anything to do with the movie....how could I really resist?

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