Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Double Trouble: A Far Off Place (1993) and Wild America (1997)

Well, it is time to approach that epically metaphysical yet oh-so-Middle American question: which came first, the chicken or the egg? Why do I bring up such delicate banter now you ask? Because, upon watching movies of my childhood that are both heart-warming and totally awesome, I have to wonder, which came first: did my love for the common features of these dual delights lead me to enjoy these fine films, or do I like the things I like because of the movies I watched during development? I guess, first-off, we should address the commonalities (it's a little uncanny, especially since I don't remember making these connections before). As is typical with young adult movies, both films deal with issues of adolescence, standing up against adults, pursuing dreams and fighting for what you believe in. Okay, easy enough to see how both plots could end up on the same family friendly shelf. But we also need to include exotic locales, Aboriginal inhabitants, wild animals, respect for said animals, dream-states, life-threatening situations, and the ever deal-making cave paintings. Oh, the cave paintings, on which I spent a year of life! I adore you! But why? What draws me to these things? I, for one, (Krishnamurti willing) will have to ponder on these questions throughout the days, perhaps never finding an inkling of answer or satisfaction. But, since the movies are filmed on location, filled with crazy natives and crazier animals (some are even people in suits!) and spotted with an explosion or two, I know that at least I will always have some inspiring fiction to watch while I cerebrate.

Final Judgment: "Fiesty kids and real deserts make me happy!/Regardless of the origin, my life is gladly filled with the mysteries of wildlife and cave paintings!/Ahhhh, why do these children never get any older looking?!/You can always count on the magic of movies to take you back to a time of wonder!/Oh girl-faced boys and wild animals!/If I've learned one thing, it's that you're never too young to hallucinate!

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