Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gattaca (1997)

I almost wasn't going to post on this classic, because I was under the assumption that everyone knows how frickin' awesome this film is. But apparently, box office receipts prove me wrong. What's up with that? I guess it sort of falls between genre audiences since it's science fiction without any special effects. But that clearly gave it more integrity. I mean, why does science fiction have to be all flying cars and talking dinosaurs? No, no, Gattaca is a much more subtle type of postulation about the future, and I for one am definitely intrigued. 12 years after the release of this sparkling gem, I'm not sure if we're any closer to the future described, a future where genetics can predetermine your place in society before you're even insured to go to kindergarten, but we're certainly not any further away. Just look at the insurance process in place now and think of all the stock (literal and figurative) being placed in scientific accuracy and reliability of genetics (I'm still on the fence). I mean, what sort of bullshit is that? Like we're somehow going to be able to unravel the code of millions of years worth of evolution when the fastest supercomputers can't even begin to handle the connections and puzzle pieces? I scoff at your arrogance! But, as we all know, logic is never quite the pretty pony calling the shots at the rodeo known as life. But I digress. The film is sweet! Who didn't want to be an astronaut as a child? And who can't understand the feeling that you're just not allowed to be exactly who'd you like to? Besides, Jude Law is hot, especially when he has all of his hair! And the sets are so classy! Not classy like a glass of Strawberry Hill, but classy like clean and modern! They didn't even have to build them! Instead, they filmed at buildings like Frank Lloyd Wright's 1960 Marin County Civic Center in San Rafael, California (thank you wikipedia). It just feels....plausible. And that is something that science fiction scientists don't always produce in their lab o' hollywood harlots. But why oh why did they try and fake that Uma Thurman is shorter than Ethan Hawke? That's bullshit! He's the short one, why should she be embarrassed? Stand tall my urban sister!

Final Judgment: "Just close enough for comfort!/A biopunk vision of liberal eugenics = awkward wariness!/Ha! Fiction determining science debates; it's good to know that imagination still has its place!/Fuck genetics! Fuck predeterminism! And Fuck the Man!

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