Friday, June 12, 2009

The Man with Two Brains (1983)

Well, everyone knows that Steve Martin is funny, right? But why? I mean, as much as I love Queen Latifah, Bringing Down the House isn't really doing that much for me. Thankfully, a trip down memory lane and through the movie stacks reminded me exactly why Steve Martin is funny in the epically convoluted shape of The Man with Two Brains. I mean, this movie is pretty fucking highlarious. And I do not use this word randomly, because somebody was clearly doing some kind of drugs when they put this together ("Hey, it's the eighties!"). It's a spoof, it's chock full of gags, and I even did some gagging myself. We've got a variety of subplot themes in this beauty including new medical science (the screw-top brain transplant/Dr. Necessitar: "As you know, my research has advanced to a point where I can put her mind into the body of a gorilla." Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr: "I couldn't fuck a gorilla!"), the gold-digging wife who has recently undergone a serious procedure ("When a woman who has just had brain surgery says she's has a headache, you've got to listen!") and the ever elusive but oddly convenient rampant sexual serial killer (Merv Griffin, what are you doing here?). Did I mention that Martin falls in love with a telepathic disembodied brain? Yes, a love so deep that he takes it out to the lake with a pair of wax lips and a sun hat for some "good times." Even a little time in the oven can't tear them apart. Indeed, the sexual aspect of this film was bordering on obscene. I mean, how many fingers can one woman suck? But the horny doctor finding a sexy siren to house his newfound brain lover is an important part of the plot. And after all that trouble and all that trauma finding a hot bod, what does that bitch forget to mention?: All that effort was meaningless because the woman is a compulsive eater! Ahh comedy.

Final Judgment: "Too many gags to even regurgitate!/Steve Martin is the ultimate 80's man!/Success! Every minority type will be equally insulted!/Brains in jars = count me in!/You'll laugh your cranium off!"

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