Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)

Well, don't even try and tell me that this puppy's not on Tesla Terrain. Because it's certainly checked off all of the reqs on the list including: the box office failure, the terrible reviews and the cult niche. Yes, yes, it may be just a touch over the film/theater performance line (you can see the set to screen translation, and all the actors are just a little too loud to be film natives). And they definitely didn't give Sarah Brightman enough respect, credit or music, despite the fact that she is not only clearly in her element but also the most talented and the most beautiful of the cast. But, and I can say this honestly, it's not very often that I see a movie that I haven't seen before. And this was definitely something new. I think they use the term 'rock-opera,' and not because people are singing operatically, but because there is music and singing entirely throughout the production; the tracks may not be great, but the feature is built around the music. But rock-opera leaves out other necessary terminology like post-apocalyptic future, big business organ owners, and plastic surgery medical procedures gone wild where the parts can be repossessed without warning. Yikes. We're talking Saw meets Rocky Horror meets Escape from LA. And Lionsgate does it again. They're my favorite label for the off-kilter, no one else wants to say it, type of shit. Like Cube; that shit is fucked up! This shit is definitely fucked up too. But it's not quite over the top, and that's why it works. The blood is bloody, but not unnecessary; instead, it paints a world where humans use medicine to meet their whims and big business is always there to squeeze the money out. I don't know what's up with the corpse disposal though. I mean, why don't they just burn all those bodies instead of stuffing them into corners and letting crazy street freaks suck out bio accumulated chemicals to shoot up into some other crazy street freaks? It's a mystery. What's not a mystery is the fact that Anthony Stewart Head and Paris Hilton both managed to end up in this tricky corner of cult cinema; everybody needs publicity!

I deem it: "Clearly a cult piece waiting to be discovered by the makeup wearing cinema artistes who like to look at roadkill!/Oh Sarah, your gracefulness transcends the depths you've fallen!/A brilliantly envisioned future where starlets don't just forget to fasten on their panties but their newly acquired faces as well!/Dark and dramatic, squishy and goth all over = the age of Lambert!

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